So. That’s it. What a wild ride!

After 15 years (on and off… mostly off), 150 episodes comprising of 154 pages of art and 8 non sequitur instalments, it’s time to say goodbye to The Secret Life of Nick. It’s been emotional and stressful, but more than anything, it’s been wonderful to hang out with characters that may, or may not, have been based on real life friends (and foes) of mine, in scenarios that were loosely based on antics that may, or may not, have happened.

Despite what happens in our lives, these characters’ adventures will stand as a tribute and testament to the awesome times we spent together. Thanks to my ever-patient friends, past and present, for your limitless patience and support. The Secret Life of Nick would literally not exist without your influence on the real life of Nick.

Thanks also to whomever is reading this now and has possibly trudged their way through my meandering narrative to get to this point. I thoroughly appreciate it.